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The product catalog for 2021 with our entire product range and all our innovative news.

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who we are

Founded in 1978, For about 43 years, CanPak Group’s central goal has been to ensure and progress the performance of working hands. By being the quickest, utmost maintainable, and creative producer and manufacturer of the finest quality work gloves for a comprehensive variety of industries, we target to make individuals more secure and better at work.

In addition to the fact that as a B2B and B2C distributor we have a huge variety of items and we invest a lot of time defining them precisely. Resultantly, having involvement in this stuff and a strategic plan to do things accurately, we made our own brand: CanPak Group. Customers are served in a professional and supportive way even after the purchase, that is the manner by which great our service is. We invest wholeheartedly in our expertise and experience: you will have a difficult time finding a superior leather gloves company than CANPAK GROUP.


We are moral people. We Value our customer need. We give our full potential whole heartily to fulfill customer demand.


Receive projects as a challenge. Do something you can be proud of, Share knowledge, practices, and experiences.


To go multinational with the aim to dominant all over the world by proving CanPak Group as a symbol of the finest quality.


our Priorities


We take advantage of new technology to find lasting solutions for current and future needs, and we continuously develop new materials that help improve performance and protection.

Your hands are one of your most significant tool and daily, they are presented to a wide range of dangers. Picking work gloves with the best right protection, features, shape and size is a higher priority than you may might think – it will improve your solace, safety and performance. Here you can get some answers concerning standards, features, material and different properties that influence your decision.

We serve all branches of industry with a complete range of working gloves. Each product category contains several types of gloves with diverse protective properties.



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